Final Project Overview

Site Purpose: Ultimately, will showcase my design work in a portfolio gallery for potential clients. Currently, the site will serve as an archive for my projects, and as a sandbox to practice more advanced WordPress concepts.

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Advertisements Final Document & Link

Site Purpose

The purpose of my portfolio site is to showcase some of my design work, and allow people to make an assessment as to whether or not they want to use my service. The target audience of the site is to attract customers involved in real estate, educational services, musicians, churches, independent business owners and more. The site content plan is simply to let the portfolio design work do all the talking for the (potential) customers who view the site, and give them the option to select my services for their marketing needs.

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Notes for my presentation

  • Social media buttons on homepage that lead to your social media site
  • Be sure your images fit properly within the different social media sites. Not too big or small. Memes, vines, ad banners are good ways to lead people to your site
  • Social media is also a great way to check out your demographic and see what they talk about, what their interests are, where they live, who they talk to, what they talk about…etc. Entire lives are basically posted on these things
  • Great way to also communicate with your consumer to find how better to serve them. Live chat, social logins using preexisting social media sites they are already signed up to or create your own.
  • Make giving feedback easy and accessable ( etc) or a feedback forum so they can engage with other users about an issue to see if its been dealt with before
  • Make your content easy to share among the different platforms
  • Comments section if you run a blog